Amalgam Damage Articles

Mercury Causes Brain Neuron Damage

! Amalgamleger haben doppelte Hirntumorrate

! Notes for the Beginners  

!Methylqecksilber schädigt den Feten aus mütterlichem Zahnquecksilber  

!§Amalgam perpetrators _ punishment demanded  

800 000 schizophrenic Mercury victims suffer because of our Nazi-dentistry  

A healthy child is happy

ADHS and Alzheimer´s are sole results of Hitler´s Amalgam  

ADHS durch Blei

ADHS durch mütterliches AmalgamAbstract 

ADHS durch mütterliches Zahnquecksilber




Alcoholism - Amalgam is true cause

Alzheimer Multiple Sklerose vom Zahnquecksilber 

Amalgam - Foreign aid for China  India and Africa

Amalgam - single filling removed - 30 years of migraine - gone  

Amalgam Filling Caba FDA Cracks

Amalgam Plugging must become Criminal Offense 

Amalgam Tests in Relation

Amalgam affects the Immune System1996

Amalgam and fish differentiate by tin

Amalgam career

Amalgam dental fillings and hearing loss

Amalgam führt zur Resistenz gegenüber Antibiotika

Amalgam instantly causes irreversible brain damage and tumor  

Amalgam tötete eine zahnärztliche Helferin _ deutsch + englisch  

Amalgam unverfälschte englische Information

Amalgam vergiftet alle menschlichen Zellen irreversibel

Amalgam-poisoned individuals bless entire medical world with money   

Amalgam-poisoned woman is hoping for quick miracles  

Amalgamleger haben umso weniger Intelligenz

Amalgamverbot in Schweden verkündet

Autoimmunity induced by Chemicals

Autoimmunthyreoditis without  mercury better  

Biomarkers and pediatric environmental health

Blood Mercury Levels and Early Child Development

British TV exposé on mercury fillings applauds FDA warnings  

Children´s psychiatry was about to close because of Amalgam sanitation  

DMPS Test korrelliert exakt mit den Hg-Köperkonzentrationen  

Daunderer Curriculum vitae

Dental Amalgam Mercury Daily Dose Estimated From Intra-Oral Vapor Measurements APredictor of Mercury Accumulation in Human Tissues

Dental Amalgam risks EU Committee

Dental industry gets an earful on mercury

Dentists drill too soon and too often

Depressed fellow students sent to lamp department

Developing brain as a target of toxicity

Effects of Mercury on our Health

Englische Artikel Mercury fillings 10.08

Englische Artikel mit Links

English Amalgam Patient Information

English Tests in Relation with Amalgam

Evaluation of the safety issue of mercury release from dental fillings  

First aid_ amalgam removal without protection_ very sick

Free of drugs without sorrow

Government bans all use of mercury in Sweden


Habilitation Dr Daunderer - Klinische Erfahrungen mit Antidot 4-DMAP  

Habilitation Dr. Daunderer - Klinische Erfahrungen mit Antidot 4-DMAP  

Handbook of Extractive Metallurgy Edited by Fathi Habashi  

Handy verstärkt die Amalgamvergiftung

Hashimoto gebessert durch Quecksilberentfernung

Health ministers - most blamable of the amalgam crime

Highly talented children

Immuntoxikology der Metall Allergene 

Improvement of Nerve and Immunological Damages After Amalgam Removal  

Improvement of Nerve and Immunological Damages after Amalgam Removal  

Krebs durch Amalgam

Krebs durch Mercury


MS muss vor MR Amalgam sanieren lassen sonst Zusatzvergiftung  


Max Daunderer, MD, Ph. D  Biography Chronology 

Medical Dentistry Hitler Commandments Today

Mercury Causes Brain Neuron Damage

Mercury Dental Filling Toxicity’LIT

Mercury Exports Dangerous Ban

Mercury Fillings Autoimmune disorders Health effects for dentists  

Mercury Released from Dental Silver Fillings Provokes an Increase in Mercury- and Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria in Oral and Intestinal Floras of Primates  

Mercury and  Selenium with Amalgam Fillings, Dental Personnel and Monkeys  

Mercury and Dental Amalgam FDA’LIT 

Mercury cause serious problems ADHS, motor skills,blood pressure and fertility  

Mercury concentrations in the human brain and kidneys in relation to exposure from dental amalgam fillings

Mercury dental scientifically proven facts

Mercury fillings cause 40 chronic health conditions

Mercury in Dental Amalgam to be baned

Mercury in Health Care WHO 2003

Mercury no safe level IX.1 

Mercury poisoning of all citizens is ideology 

Mercury release from dental amalgam restorations after magnetic resonance imaging and following mobile phone use

Metall Allergene

Metals cause Cancer

Methylation of Inorganic Mercury Environmental EU  

Methylquecksilber schädigt das Ungeborene schwer  

Migration of mercury from dental amalgam through human teeth  

Muenchner Amalgamstudie belegt eindrucksvoll Schädigung durch Zahnquecksilber  

Mütter vergiften ihre Kinder mit ihrem Zahnquecksilber

Neurobehavioral effects of developmental methylmercury exposure  

Nobel prizewinners were never plugged with Dental Mercury  

Patient informations

Pflanzen und Tiergifte in Experimental and Toxicologic Pathology  

Psychosomatics - Denazification is urgent

Quecksilber  Schäden

Quecksilber  Schäden im Gehirn

Quecksilber Kriegsspielzeug der Zahnärzte  

Quecksilber Nervenschäden

Quecksilber Ursache für Porphyrie und Autismus

Quecksilber schädigt das Neugeborene irreversibel  

Quecksilberdampf aus Zahnquecksilber hoch toxisch  

Quecksilberdampf aus Zähnen

Quecksilbermenge im Zahn bestimmt Giftmenge beim Stillen  

Saved from Mercury

Silver Tooth Fillings are implicated in the Spread of Antibiotik Resistant Bacteria  

Skull and crossbones labeling the Amalgam bottle is proof of the crime  

Study on the Effects of Mercury on our Health

Those who stuff Amalgam unconsciously  fulfill a Hitler-order  

Toxicology of Mercury

Verhaltensstörungen durch Methylquecksilber im Mutterleib  

Verhaltensstörungen durch Methylquecksilber im Mutterleib  

Where there was once Amalgam - now there is pus

Zahnquecksilber Literatur

Zahnquecksilber Zeitbombe für alle Organe

Zahnquecksilber durch Darmbakterien methyliert stärkstes Nervengift  

Zahnquecksilber in USA FDA

Zahnquecksilber vergiftet das Ungeborene

Zahnquecksilber verursacht Nervenzerstörung im Gehirn  

Zahnquecksilbervergiftungen References WHO 1990  

§ Pain and suffering compensation possible - even years after accident