Alcoholism - Amalgam is true cause

Alcoholism is triggered by Amalgam

Amalgam blocks the glutamine acid metabolism in the brain on the L-Glutamyl -P. in each cell. This blocker leads to frustration and to reckless behavior and therewith to addiction.

It remains an unexplainable mystery why health professionals altogether conceal the fact that Amalgam is the fundamental cause of alcoholism. The history of  Amalgam is a crime thriller including naive ignorance, coupled with "fist-fat" lies of the sellers. As long as the Mercury remains in the test tube - it is ultra toxic, in the womb of a pregnant woman - it is idolized as healthy, the diseased-born baby is - "diseased congenitally", and the dentist stays - guilt-free.

Since big portions of the mothers´ poisons pass into the fetuses,  these children are born with "genetic damages". This whole matter is most likely talked about as  "congenital  diseases". Since the Mercury, as part of the Amalgam, via DNA-damages, also directly leads to chromosome damages, it causes inherited gene defects as well.

Amalgam powerfully initiates allergies and enhances the growth of fungi. Fungi transmute  Mercury into organic Mercury which damages the brain.

Allergies against dental or home toxins , via a mis-reaction of the body´s natural defense system, cause an autoimmune disease on the cells, which attacks a body organ, causes suppuration and can be deadly.

Newborns become healthy by taking 6 sniffs of the counter-poison DMPS or DMSA once. The mother needs to be detoxified immediately.

Those who want to survive have to find out the cause of their diseases  by themselves, and they also have to make sure that it gets deactivated. Self-help is necessary for survival.

An exposure stop is the sole correct action for amateurs.

Even after many years, it is possible to identify on the panoramic X-ray pictures of the jaw the toxins that were taken in - or rather inhaled, the toxins that caused allergies and the toxins that led to suppuration.

The parts of the head in which the toxins have been stored can be identified on the MRI.

The 7-days patch test (skin allergy test)shows the allergies which lead to disturbances of organs.

The examinations of these 3 tests after the patient´s recovery prove the cause.

FIRST AID, in the ABC gives detailed information on how to proceed:

A  7-days allergy tests  

B  proof of consequences with auto immune tests

C  chemicals stemming from home-, dental toxins

D  diagnostics with panoramic X-ray of jaw and MRI (nuclear spin)

E  exposure stop, triple protection, detoxification