A healthy child is happy


I heard this saying of my mother, who was a pediatrician, very often.

My mother was an intern at the 'Haunerschen' children´s clinic of the University polyclinic under Professor Pfaundler. Later she was physician-in-chief of the Lachner children´s clinic and of a pediatrician´s practice serving 2400 patients on sickness insurance certificates, as well as 2600 private patients per year in Munich-Giesing (part of the city of Munich). As a woman in such a position, my mother took great interest in everything concerning the art of planning one´s life.

Her thesis had been in forensic medicine; it had been about the killing of pregnant women. She had an amazing love for little babies. She really wanted to find the secret of apparently healthy babies experiencing a sudden child death.

It was dreadful for her to remember, "the seriously sick babies who apparently got healthy." Their mothers were called and told that they could come to pick up their healthy babies early the next morning but when the mothers arrived, they were greeted by a convent nurse who gave them the tidings of gloom and doom:"This morning your little one was taken by the angels." Due to unexplainable reasons, the babies had experienced sudden death in the clinic bed. Nothing was found on post mortum examination. Not until our time did forensic medical scientists find the cause: the brains of the mothers had stored high concentrations of amalgam - and the brains of the babies were not able to tolerate that - therefore they stopped breathing while asleep, a so called sleep-apnea syndrome.

My mother taught me to not to pay so much attention to the input of trace elements and vitamins contained in food, but rather to those which were u-n-re-co-g-n-i-z-i-n-g-l-y stolen from the body by poisons. She damned the experiment to test out new medical drugs on human beings, since the actual hurts and harms would not to be realized before a certain age.