Amalgam-poisoned woman is hoping for quick miracles

Case: Dear Ladies and gentlemen,

I had had 20 Amalgam fillings since my childhood. Four of them were in wisdom teeth which were extracted. Later the Amalgam fillings were exchanged with new ones and again later veneered gold crowns were put over those teeth. Since the drilling out of the last Amalgam fillings, I do not feel good at all. I started detoxifying with Chlorella, I feel worse.

My teeth stumps are black and I think my jawbones have been affected as well. I have a little daughter (3 years) and her hair does not grow and she always has blood in the urine. My parents are also Amalgam carriers (a lot) + gold crowns and they are feeling very bad  (Asthma among other diseases). Please, please, please help me. Who can I turn to for extraction of my teeth and who is going to mill-cut my bone?

I am AFRAID! Please help me, I feel very bad and my child does too and also my parents!!!!! What do I have to do????? I need quick help!!!!!!!

Sabine B

Metal refinement Inc