Amalgam - Foreign aid for China, India and Africa
The most comical argument of German experts to the European Union for the further processing of Mercury in form of dental Amalgam is this:
If Germany backs out of Amalgam,
the battery-recycled trash-Quicksilver cannot be stored in the rest of the world anymore,
a world market of medical charge consequences is going to collapse.
Background for the German medical equipment companies is that the rest of the rising world is not going to experience a medical boom anymore.
Thousands of nuclear spin apparatuses are purchased only by countries whose inhabitants suffer from brain damages due to Amalgam.
Our sinfully expensive medical system rests exclusively on its achievements which are based on Amalgam victims.
Amalgam is absolutely necessary as causation for high earnings in medicine and its machinery.
Dentists are the well-paid sponsors of the medical equipment industry.
The whole thing is called medical foreign aid.
Naturally, the rest of the world does not see through to the true circumstances.
The huge briberies however, soon made insiders listen carefully.