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The beliefs of our (German) National Health Authorities and dentists that today, 75 years later, we must obey to the disgusting Hitler order: that each Aryan must receive "God´s Judgement´s poison Quicksilver", to ascertain that s/he is a good German, say Aryan, is disgusting Nazi medical science. Hitler expressed in speeches that all the "good ones" died in war and those who survived were "none but the sleazy" and he deemed that poison was good enough for those. Holding on to Hitler arguments up until today, claiming dental mercury to be the only affordable filling material for cavities, is known to be the biggest rip-off/swindle. Millions of nuclear spins on cost of National Medical Sickness Insurance for clinical diagnostics of Alzheimer disease which is caused by Quicksilver, turned our Social System into 'unpayable' in the meantime. The insanity of this millionfold mercury poisening (31 millions per year) is even more inapprehensible, since there are SAME-IN-PRICE-ALTERNATIVES AVAILABLE - yet without Nazi ideology. WHEN WILL DENTAL MEDICINE BE DENAZIFIED? (additional to biography)