Where there was once Amalgam - now there is pus


On more than 1000 patients who had been freed from their Dental Quicksilver, 20 years ago, we found out, 20 years later, that their jaws had contained pus in addition to the Amalgam . This had been causing immense nerve- and immune damages. The removal of the Amalgam had only caused slight delays to their suffering.

This was obvious from the beginning, since the animal experiments on sheep and monkeys by Lorscheider and Vimy - besides many others - had proved that within 3 months after an amalgam had been laid, all organs had been intoxicated.

There had been no improvement whatsoever after removal.

The alternative would have been the surgical removal of all, at the same time, intoxicated dental roots, but, at that time, no one had been ready to do that.

Nowadays, instead of the drilling out, we advice tooth extraction plus routing out the jaw for all those who have been seriously ill, since there has not been a dentist who has been drilling out thoroughly and this has always lead to an immense deterioration of the whole situation.

Amalgam once means Amalgam always!