Amalgam and fish differentiate by tin.

Glorifiers of Amalgam are always brilliant with lies which are to prove wrong easily.

The newest by D. Melchart (German Amalgam-lobbyist) is: Humans, who have stored too much mercury in their organs and their brains, have that because they have been eating a lot of seafood.

This is of course total nonsense. Seafood, along with its mercury, also contains a lot of zinc and a lot of selenium which instantly detoxify the mercury. These trace elements are effective only if the intake happens at the same time as the intake of the poison, but not, if there is a larger period of time between the intake of the poison and the trace elements.

Fish does not contain tin. Amalgam in addition to its  50% mercury contains  the extremely toxic brain poison tin.

The hundred per cent proof of Amalgam, stored in a tissue sample, is accomplished by measuring Mercury as well as Tin.

Tin just like mercury is extremely toxic and potentates the effects of mercury.

For a very proper result, copper and silver may be measured as well.

This is important for measuring cancer tissue which always contains a lot of the ingredients of Amalgam.

Amalgam causes cancer!