Health ministers - most blamable of the amalgam crime

No one is as fully informed about the deadly consequences of Amalgam as the respective German Health Ministers! It is provable that thousands of patients have written to the Health Ministers and have personally spoken to them.

Toxcenter and all patients were deceived with standard letters from the Health Ministers for decades; they all basically had the same content, whether it was in regards to AIDS,BSE, children smoking or Amalgam. We did not ask for their expertise but only for common sense.

They stayed as mute to the hundreds of newborns that annually die of maternal amalgam (sudden child death) as to the 450,000 that also annually die due to the delayed effects of Amalgam, such as Alzheimer´s disease, strokes, cancer or Multiple Sclerosis. Watching  mass death due to a totally avoidable chemical - is simply a crime.

One would not necessarily need a lot of common sense or expertise for this: a skull label on the original package for a material that goes into the mouth and after removal from the mouth - goes to the hazardous waste depot!

...would this be sufficient knowledge for the "simple man?"

One may not be surprised about the political apathy of our fellow German citizens if one  has learned that legitimate complaints to the various government parties of 'black', 'red', and 'green' were simply dropped into the wastepaper baskets because no one wants to go up against the overly powerful industries.

Controlled by the Department of Justice, all independent attempts to clarify the situation have been ignored.

Cowardly, the German Health Ministers wait for the EU to ban Amalgam, so they do not have to break their promises to the industries. Thus, 80% of the environment laws are EU laws, not German laws.

I would not mind a duel in court with anyone who thinks that my words are to harsh.