Free of drugs without sorrow

Right after I opened my practice many drug addicts, alcoholics, sleeping pill addicts and junkies came for outpatient detox and weaning. Detoxification was done with the antidotes Physostigmine, Anexate and Naloxone followed by behavior-group-therapy and autogenic training. Each time the patients showed up they had to undergo drug testing. Everything was being paid by the insurance companies, which were proud of their clinical toxicologist and his high record of success. Even patients who broke off clinical treatment stayed clean and worked harder when in therapy. My practice was so crowded and patients were so enthusiastic that I was not able to handle any more, even with an assistant. This was the remedy, after a proper removal of the amalgam followed by detox with DMPS, the hunger for drugs was suddenly over and there were no relapses. Therefore the need for long conversation-style therapies was over. After resigning from public practice because of case overload, the ambulatory drug therapy was only carried out for individual cases.