!§Amalgam perpetrators - punishment demanded

As the world´s sole author of a three volume textbook published in 1990, followed by fifteen additional deliveries providing demonstrating data as well as outcomes of 20,000 individuals poisoned by amalgam; I demand the punishment of all amalgam perpetrators: dentists and experts who act, despite knowing of the consequences, to include the death of children, and who know of the clear scientific evidence straight from an experienced Clinical Toxicologist, who is the author of a thirty-five volume textbook of Clinical Toxicology which also includes the subject of environmental poisoning. Although they know better, they lie to the sick and do nothing to prevent the deaths of the (!) 800 newborns that annually die of suffocation due to the demonstrable effects of maternal amalgam poisoning.

Since this is malicious if fulfills the criteria of murder/manslaughter, which will be of consequence when it comes to the statute of limitation.

Every day of delay means the willful acceptance of an additional 2.3 dead children.

I urge the legal authorities to hasten in coming to an end with their well-known lethargy in this matter.

Back in 1989, after providing evidence of the serious and often deadly amalgam poisonings, I already had called for an immediate cease and demanded the using of amalgam fillings to be declared as medical malpractice.

My numerous criminal complaints were arbitrarily rejected.

The Federal Attorney General did not feel competent and passed the matter on for burial by the perpetrators.

Therefore, one might think that they were all "under one blanket," with the goal of killing as many newborns as possible.

Herewith, I expressly ask for an immediate ban of amalgam and for punishment of all Perpetrators!!!

Dr.med. Dr. med. Max Daunderer                                                 7/22/07

Internist and Environmental Medical Doctor

Habil of Clinical Toxicology