Mercury poisoning of all citizens is ideology

After 20 years of endeavoring for a convenient withdrawal out of the mercury mass poisoning, the facts are:

1.The awareness of mercury being one of the most toxic substances there are is common knowledge of all schoolboys and girls. No toxicologists are needed.

2.If one does not wish to have poison in the head, all the others should accept this.

3.Forcing a person to be a carrier of poison, would only exist in dictatorships.

4.Prohibitions, to recognize or treat the effects of poisoning are pure sadism.

5.Profits of medicine and its future fears of not being able to survive without the poisoned are not in the interest of the sick.

6.The words mercury and amalgam are irritable words for the entire medical world because these words form the very foundation of its lies.

7.The capitalistic state needs helpless, sick and fearful citizens, in order to achieve its economic goals.

8.Every politician, without exception, pursues this goal vigorously and eliminates anyone who interferes.

9.The sick only have a chance to survive if they never use the two most irritable words (quicksilver and amalgam) and continue lying just as others to 'somehow' be able to get a rid of the poison themselves.

10.All those who honestly express their thoughts are endangered of finding death in a psychiatric institution or in an intensive care unit - as a malingerer.