Depressed fellow students sent to lamp department


After I had experienced a difficult purchase of lamps, I had realized that I was feeling happier the following days. I taught depressed people how the problem of depression had to be dealt with:

    1. learn autogenic training

    2. enforce lack of sleep

    3. endurance training

    4. a teapot of St. John´s worth in the evening

    5. and I sent them to spend 20 minutes in the lamp department of a big department   

        store, which was close to my doctor´s office.

When I was very frustrated, I went there too, at noon, between consulting hours.

    6. Later, I had come to the knowledge that it was always the Amalgam, which was the reason for depression and I recommended sniffing on an open DMPS-ampule (today DMSA), 6x.

In Germany, in the year of 2005, twice as many people died by suicide (10 260) than in traffic accidents (5 361).

Each depression holds a risk of suicide, therefore it should be dealt with immediately and everything should be done to get a rid of it.