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1. Each year 450 000 Germans and 800 infants die on Amalgam. Hundreds of highly toxic metallic salts, stemming from the Amalgam, poison the brain, the heart, the thyroid gland and other organs. They lead to allergies and from there to deadly autoimmune diseases like Alzheimer, infarct,  multiple sclerosis and cancer. Iodine or fluoride potentiate the effects of the poison.

2. In each cell, one single molecule blocks more than 80 enzyme activities and therefore hundreds of deadly neuropathies, as well as damages of the immune system are initiated.

3.There is no such thing as a healthy dose.

4.Mothers poison the brains of their children during pregnancy up to 2000-fold, so that later these children will die on suffocation or suffer for a lifetime.

5.The Amalgam plugging has been declared as medical malpractice for 20 years.

6.Dentists get the battery recycled mercury for free (as a present) and carelessly stuff it into the mouths of little children and of humans already suffering from renal disease or brain damages.

7.Doctors deliberately use wrong methods of diagnosis because they do not want to spoil the businesses of dentists when they manufacture the freely received hazardous waste.

8.ToxCenter has addressed the issue to EU, WHO and UNO. Toxcenter has been asking for an immediate, worldwide ban of Amalgam and also for proper rehabilitation of the victims.


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