Children´s psychiatry was about to close because of Amalgam sanitation

On the phone, I had advised a ward physician of the children´s psychiatry in Aachen,  Germany about the mixed picture of fetal methyl mercury poisoning with Feer´s disease, abnormalities in the MR (rim around the cerebellum), DMPS-sniffing test , as well as correct Amalgam sanitation.

One year later, he reported that he had been able to discharge one third of the long-term patients as healed, and that the diagnoses for committals to the hospital had been wrong, of course.

Shortly after he called in desperation, saying that he had been dismissed from his job by his boss because what he had done "had threatened the existence of the hospital, as well as of children´s psychiatry in its entirety".

I am writing this down because the audiences of my lectures always tend to twist the facts.