Amalgamentfernung führte zur Gesundheitsverbesserung bei Autoimmunkranken

The beneficial effect of amalgam replacement on health in patients with autoimmunity
Jarmila Prochazkova, Ivan Sterzl, Hana Kucerova, Jirina Bartova, Vera DM Stejskal.
Neuroendocrinology Letters 2004;25(3):211-218

This study examines the health impact of amalgam replacement in mercury-allergic patients with autoimmunity. The suitability of MELISA® for the selection of susceptible patients and monitoring of sensitization was also examined. Amalgam fillings, which were the single restorative material in the patients' teeth, were replaced with composites and ceramic materials. Follow-up health status and lymphocyte reactivity were assessed and evaluated half a year or later following amalgam removal.

MELISA® indicated that in vitro reactivity after the replacement of dental amalgam decreased significantly to inorganic mercury, silver, organic mercury and lead. Out of 35 patients, 71% showed improvement of health. The remaining patients exhibited either unchanged health or worsening of symptoms. The highest rate of improvement was observed in patients with multiple sclerosis, the lowest rate was noted in patients with eczema.
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